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Sell Second Hand Jewellery Whitley Bay

Looking to sell second hand jewellery in Whitley Bay?

It couldn’t be easier- here’s how we do it:

  1. First we assess your gold, where our experienced team will undertake a detailed inspection of the style and carat quality.
  2. Next we test the cleanliness of the item; we understand that we could be working with jewellery that has great personal value. So, we make sure to take extreme care when performing our range of tests. 
  3. With our top of the range industry scales, we then determine the item’s weight in gold, which can provide us with the most accurate measurements. 
  4. After this- we can provide you with a cash for gold offer too good to turn down – which is also an offer our competitors can’t emulate!

Why sell second hand jewellery in Whitley Bay?

There are many reasons why someone may choose to sell second hand jewellery in Whitley Bay. Perhaps you’re clearing out and your jewellery is scrap, and therefore holds no value to you.

Or, you may know you have a valuable item and wish to get it looked at and sold. Either are perfectly acceptable reasons if you’re looking for cash for gold in Whitley Bay



What is the best way to sell second hand jewellery?

If you’re looking to sell second hand jewellery in Whitley Bay there are many options. 

There are pawnbrokers- however they don’t represent the best option for cash for gold in Whitley Bay. This is because they are not jewellery experts, and care purely about profit. Thus, they tend to give the lowest offers, AND have hidden fees. 

There’s selling online, however with that comes a lot of admin and uncertainty. There’s no guarantee you’re item will sell- and eBay makes money through taking a percentage of what does end up being sold.

If you want to sell second hand jewellery in Whitley Bay and get the best price- your best option is to opt for a jeweller. They will have passion for your pieces- and use their expert knowledge to give you the fairest price. 


What is second hand jewellery worth?

There are many factors which come into play when it comes to the worth of jewellery. The most notable factors that affect worth are condition, brand, what raw materials the piece has and if you have the original packaging. 


How to know if a diamond is real?

When getting diamonds professionally tested, Jewellers will use special magnifying equipment to see minute details up close. 

It is difficult to know for sure if diamonds are real if you are testing at home, with no knowledge or equipment- so we recommend getting help from a professional jeweller. 

Why Northumberland Goldsmiths?

If you’re looking to sell second hand jewellery in Whitley Bay, Northumberland Goldsmiths are located within close proximity in Blyth. 

We are professional jewellers, with over 35 years experience in the precious metals industry and proud to offer some of the best cash for gold prices in the UK. 


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