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Is it worth it to sell old jewellery?

sell old jewellery

Of course, jewellery can hold significant financial value. But, it can also hold sentimental value too. So, if you’re asking ‘is it worth it to sell old jewellery’, the short answer is, yes, if the financial value outweighs the sentimental.

We may not be able to tell you what makes your jewellery sentimental, but, we can give you guidance on whether it is worth it to sell old jewellery based on its financial value. 

Financial value is mainly based on three factors: condition, material and market demand. 

Here is a rundown of things to consider if you’re wondering if it’s worth it to sell old jewellery:


The first thing to consider is the jewellery’s condition. Firstly, is it as clean as it can be? Cleaning your jewellery, or getting it professionally cleaned is the easiest thing you can do in terms of condition. 

Most importantly though, does your jewellery have any scratches or missing stones, and is it broken? Not all is lost if so- but these are the main aspects of condition that can affect a jewellery piece’s financial value if you’re looking to sell old jewellery.


The material that a jewellery item is made of matters significantly to its financial value. It is the reason why all is not completely lost if you have jewellery that is damaged or broken. 

If you have jewellery made with precious metals like gold, platinum or silver, your jewellery can be sold just for its materials alone, and then be recycled into something else. 

Of course, if you have a piece which is in great condition, and has a high precious metal content, you have a higher chance of getting an even greater price.

Market value

The final main factor that determines jewellery’s financial worth is market value. Just like clothing, jewellery demands can fluctuate depending on things like season, trends or cultural significance. 

For instance, vintage, or pieces with bold and unique designs, may be more sought after by collectors. But, more classic pieces may have high demand from individuals looking for jewellery for everyday wear. 

Are you looking to sell old jewellery? 

At Northumberland Goldsmiths, we can evaluate your jewellery and give you a great, fair quote based on all of these factors. If you’re looking to sell old jewellery we’ll give you all the help you need to make the decision.

If you’re located in the Newcastle or Northumberland area visit our store in Blyth- we’re happy to help.


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