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We are proud to be able to offer the best cash for gold prices in the UK. Here at Northumberland Goldsmiths we can do this because we have over 35 years combined experience in the precious metals industry. We have developed a secure online system that keeps our overheads low and our scrap Gold price per gram high.
Scrap Gold prices can vary enormously from company to company. Therefore we recommend that you compare prices when you decide to sell Gold.

Make sure that you compare prices in grams, some companies will try to confuse you by listing scrap Gold prices in Troy Ounces ( 1 Troy Ounce = 31.103 grams).
You can check our latest Gold price per gram, as well as prices for Silver, Platinum and Palladium using the calculator.
Our scrap Gold prices are adjusted every day to reflect the value of your scrap Gold relative to the fluctuations in the London Gold Fix price.


Cash for Gold in the North East with Northumberland Goldsmiths


Cash For Gold FAQs

What is the value of my jewellery?

It’s difficult to estimate how much your jewellery may be worth, without getting it professionally examined. There are many factors which come into play in regards to jewellery price.

For instance, are you selling the items for cash for gold, or resale? If it’s for cash for gold, how much you receive will fluctuate daily depending on what the current raw material price is.

And in terms of resale, how rare or unique your piece is also comes into play.

How do I determine the worth of my jewellery?

Weight, and how many carats your gold is made up of are the key things which determine its value.

It’s best to get your gold looked at by jewellery professionals such as Northumberland Goldsmiths, so you can be confident in its valuation.

What is the best way to sell my 2nd hand gold jewellery?

When it comes to selling jewellery, there are a few options. You can sell them to a jewellery shop, a pawn shop, a cash for gold dealer or auction it online via sites like eBay.

You will usually get the most money from a jeweller, especially one which offers other services like pawning or cash for gold, because you’ll know you’re getting the best deal.

Where can I sell second hand jewellery near me, for the best price?

Prices can vary from company to company- so it’s good to compare before you commit. At Northumberland Goldsmiths in Blyth, we’re proud to say we offer some of the highest cash for gold rates in the UK.

That’s because we have a secure online system which keeps our overheads low and our price per gram high.

Is it better to sell to a jeweller, pawn shop, cash for gold dealer or online buyer?

As previously stated, you will probably get the most money for your 2nd hand gold jewellery from visiting a physical store, the best being a Jewellers which offer multiple services.

It is best to stay away from online sites because you will most likely have to pay a percentage of your sale to them, and have to deal with a lot more admin.

What should I do to prepare my jewellery for sale?

Jewellery always looks its best after a clean. There are a few ways you can do this yourself, i.e. with soap and warm water or ammonia.

Alternatively, we offer a professional jewellery cleaning service to save you time.

What documents or certificates do I need with my jewellery?

For your own security, and to prove the items belong to you, with your jewellery you’ll have to bring some form of identification. This can be a bill, alongside a passport or driver’s licence.

How do I ensure that the sales process is safe and secure?

Other than having the correct identification on the day, you can also do your research about different gold buying companies in your area beforehand.

A simple ‘sell second hand jewellery near me’ Google search will bring up plenty of options, from which you can look at the reviews and see which are legitimate.

Are there any legal requirements I should be aware of when selling my jewellery when getting cash for gold or silver?

The only legal requirements on the seller’s behalf is that they must be able to prove that the jewellery belongs to them.

What should I be aware of when negotiating my jewellery?

Some jewellery companies may try to take advantage of individuals who seem unsure about the purity or weight of their gold, and try to under-weigh or under-value their jewellery. Some might price second hand 18ct gold wedding rings as 14ct to try and make more money, for example.

Rest assured, Northumberland Goldsmiths are a trusted jewellers that have over 35 years experience. You can get in touch with us directly for more information.

Is it worth it to sell old jewellery?

It all depends on the piece you have, as well as your expectations. If you’re looking for payout in the top margins then these are a few factors that jewellers look for:

  • Condition- If a piece of jewellery is in poor condition and requires repairs, this will have a negative impact on its value. For example, a gold ring which is scratched will be worth less than one in pristine condition.
  • Brand- There are certain high end brands which have a higher value on the second hand market, such as Tiffany & Co, Chanel and Van Kleef & Arpels. A ring from one of these brands will always fetch a higher price than an unsigned ring with very similar qualities.
  • Raw materials- When you bring your second hand jewellery in for appraisal, their raw materials will always be checked. The precious metals which make up the piece will be assessed and weighed- then the results of the quality and carat will in large determine their value.
  • The original box- Designer jewellery, when bought first hand is always packaged in a box and papers which also come from the brand. If you still have the original box and papers this will increase the value of your second hand jewellery. This is particularly true when it comes to the buying and selling of pre-loved watches.

Is there a market for second hand jewellery?

When it comes to vintage high end or antique jewellery and pre-loved luxury watches there is always a market for them. The reason being is that pieces like these are timeless, and don’t depend on current trends- so they are continuously sought after. Therefore, many people look to buy these items pre-loved because they can purchase them for less money than the original price, knowing that they won’t go ‘out of style’.

How can I sell gold earrings?

We recommend you take your earrings to get professionally tested, by a trustworthy Jeweller. As Jewellers have a lot more knowledge than other potential buyers, such as Pawnbrokers, you can be confident you’ll receive the best quote possible should you choose to sell gold earrings.

Sell Second Hand Jewellery With Northumberland Goldsmiths & Get Cash For Gold

When it comes to selling second hand jewellery, Northumberland Goldsmiths are experts in the field. Based in the historical market town of Blyth, we are a family run jewellers who have over 35 years of experience in all aspects of the jewellery trade. If you happen to have any more questions feel free to get in contact with us, and we will make the jewellery sales process as understandable and easy as possible.


I’m looking to sell gold. Where Can I Find Reputable Buyers Who Offer Fair Prices for My Gold in Northumberland?

Are you searching for places to sell gold in Northumberland or its surrounding areas? Newcastle, Cramlington, Alnwick, Bambrough, Beadnell, Morpeth or anywhere else in the North East? Northumberland goldsmiths are reputable buyers who offer fair prices for your gold. Your trusted destination for ‘cash for gold near me’ questions, and fair scrap gold prices, providing a reliable and transparent service.

What Factors Affect the Cash Value When selling Second-Hand Jewellery?

Factors such as the condition of the pieces, quality of materials, market demand, and the reputation of the buyer play significant roles. For instance, pieces in excellent condition with precious metals like gold and gemstones like diamonds tend to fetch higher prices, especially when there’s a demand for current trends. Choosing reputable buyers like Northumberland Goldsmiths, who offer expertise and competitive prices, can ensure a smooth selling experience. Providing documentation and being realistic about pricing are also key strategies for maximising cash value. By navigating the process thoughtfully, sellers can unlock the full potential of their pre-owned treasures.

Is it Worth Selling Diamond Rings?

Selling diamond rings for cash can provide quick funds. it’s crucial to weigh the sentimental value of the rings against financial needs. Northumberland Goldsmiths is recommended for our competitive prices, live gold rates, expert assessment, and professional service, making us a trusted choice for selling diamond rings. Selling gold with precious stones will  usually fetch more value than selling gold alone.

Where to Sell Wedding Rings

Selling sentimental items like wedding rings can be an emotional and practical decision. For those looking to part with second-hand 9ct gold and wedding rings, understanding their value and finding a trustworthy place to sell them is crucial. Northumberland Goldsmiths offers expertise in accurately assessing the worth of your jewellery and providing transparent, competitive pricing. We provide a secure and reliable option, combining decades of industry experience with a reputation for exceptional customer service.


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