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Keeping Gold Jewellery Clean

Mankind’s fascination with jewellery, especially gold jewellery, can be traced back to prehistoric times, and it continues till date. If you wish to keep the allure of your gold jewellery intact, you will have to keep them spotless.

Even though gold retains its patina much longer than other metals, the precious metal nevertheless accrues dirt and grime over time. But you do not need to visit a jeweller every time you need to clean your gold necklace or bracelet. You can remove the accumulated grime from your ornaments yourself.

There are some simple but versatile DIY techniques that you can use to keep gold jewellery clean and lustrous.

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Cleaning with Warm Water and Soap

ne effective method is to use warm water and soap. Although it may sound incredulous to you (particularly if you have not used the technique before), you can make your jewellery dirt-free simply by using water and soap. You just have to follow specific steps when you use warm water and soap for cleaning gold jewellery.

  • Take a mixing bowl and pour warm water in it up to the brim. Thereafter, add a few drops of soft liquid soap to make a soapy solution. You can also add a few drops of dishwashing liquid or mild detergent.
  • Next, immerse the gold jewellery into this soap solution, allowing it to drench for 15-18 minutes.
  • Now, wash the jewellery using cold water and then place it . You can use a hair dryer to expedite the drying process.
  • You can use a toothbrush with soft bristles to get rid of dirt settled deeply in the grooves and openings.
  • Once you have cleaned your jewellery completely, be sure to store it in a jewellery box.
  • You can use this method to clean rose, white, and yellow gold.
  • Never use freezing cold or boiling water or tap water. You would be better off using as these liquids helps loosen up deeply settled dirt inside crannies and crevices of jewellery.

Cleaning with Ammonia

You can also use ammonia to remove dirt from gold jewellery but you should exercise caution while using this method. Not following the appropriate steps or using ammonia frequently could damage your gold jewellery. Go through the following steps to clean old jewellery using ammonia:-

  • Mix water and ammonia in a ratio of 6:1 in a bowl
  • Keep jewellery immersed in the solution
  • Hold and cleanse the jewellery underneath running water for completely washing off the solution
  • Use a soft and dry velvety cloth for drying the jewellery

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