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Selling second hand 18ct gold wedding rings- what to be aware of

sell second hand 18ct wedding rings

If you’re looking to sell your second hand 18ct gold wedding rings, or any gold jewellery in general- here’s everything you should know:

Unfortunately, not every jewellers will be trustworthy

Coming from jewellers who have over 35 years experience, it is a sad reality that not every cash for gold jewellers can be trusted. 

Some may undervalue your gold and offer you a lower price than it is worth. They may take note of who they feel doesn’t have much inkling about the worth of their jewellery. Then, tell them their second hand 18ct gold wedding rings are 14ct, for example and undersell them.

It’s important to research a jeweller’s reputation and customer reviews before selling your gold. Look for jewellers who have a good track record, and are transparent about their prices and process. Making sure they have a physical shop you can visit can also help to put you at ease.

It is easier to fall victim to scams if you opt for postal cash for gold services

Many online postal services will offer a ‘free’ envelope postal pack. 

It may seem like you are getting a good deal, but the reality is very different. This is a marketing tactic used by these companies which has ultimately cost them a lot of money- because the vast majority of these envelopes will go unused, or be returned without anything of real value in them. 

The company needs to make the money back somehow- so it will cut into what they offer you for your gold. 

You can still sell your second hand 18ct gold wedding rings if they’re broken

Sure, you will most likely get more money if your jewellery is in pristine condition. But that doesn’t mean broken or scratched jewellery is worthless!

It can be sold for its pure gold value, and melted down to be made into something else. Gold is always in high demand and desirable- so don’t be disheartened if you have broken or imperfect pieces.

There are better times to sell your gold jewellery than others

The UK raw metal prices can fluctuate due to various market factors such as supply and demand and economic conditions. The prices are set twice a day, once in the morning at 10:30 AM and once in the afternoon at 15:00 PM by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

The best jewellers will base their rates off of these daily fluctuations- so it’s important to keep an eye on them if you intend to sell your gold. 

Looking to sell your second hand 18ct gold wedding rings near Blyth?

Northumberland Goldsmiths are more than happy to buy them and provide you the best rate possible, no matter their condition.

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