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Who Buys The Wedding Rings? Exploring Traditions and the Best Places to Buy

who buys the rings


As wedding bells chime and love is celebrated, a question that often arises is, “Who buys the wedding rings?” This age-old tradition has its roots in symbolism and commitment. The journey of finding the perfect wedding ring is a significant one, and one often enjoyed by both partners. In this article, we delve into the tradition behind who purchases the wedding rings and guide you through the various options to buy them. Whether you’re considering buying wedding rings or pondering where to find them, read on for insights that will help you make this important and exciting decision.

The Tradition of Buying Wedding Rings

The tradition of who buys the wedding rings can vary based on cultural customs and personal preferences. Traditionally, it was the responsibility of the groom to purchase both the bride’s and groom’s wedding rings as a symbol of his commitment and ability to provide for his future wife. However, in modern times, this tradition has evolved, and the decision is often a joint one between the couple.

Buying Wedding Rings: A Joint Decision

Today, many couples choose to purchase their wedding rings together. This approach reflects the mutual commitment and partnership that modern relationships are built upon. By shopping for wedding rings together, couples can ensure that both rings align with their individual styles, preferences, and budgets. This collaborative approach can also signify the equality and shared responsibilities that define many modern relationships.

Where to Buy Wedding Rings

When it comes to buying wedding rings in the UK, there are multiple options available. Many people enjoy shopping online these days, however visiting a high street jeweller often has more benefits when considering where to buy wedding rings. Here’s why:

  • Expertise and Guidance

High street jewellers offer a level of expertise and guidance that is hard to match. Their trained staff can educate you about the different metals, gemstones, and designs available. Whether you’re looking for traditional gold bands, platinum bands, or something more unique, their knowledge will help you make an informed decision, as opposed to buying online without expert guidance.

  • Quality Assurance

Buying wedding rings from a reputable high-street jeweller, like Northumberland Goldsmiths, ensures that you’re getting quality products. Established jewellers have a reputation to uphold, and they source their materials from trusted suppliers. This usually guarantees that your rings are made to last a lifetime.

  • Wide Range of Options

High-street jewellers boast a wide variety of wedding ring options to suit every style and budget. From classic and timeless designs to contemporary and custom creations to second-hand gems, you’ll find an array of choices to explore.

  • Personalised Service

The experience of buying wedding rings is intimate and personal. High street jewellers often provide a personalised service, taking the time to understand your preferences and guiding you through the selection process. They can also offer customisation and vintage options to ensure your rings are as unique as your love story.

  • Trying Before Buying

One of the significant advantages of buying from a high street jeweller is the ability to try on the rings before making a decision. This ensures that the rings fit comfortably and complement each other. It’s also more of an exciting adventure to go out and try different options in person.

  • Supporting Local Businesses

Opting for a high street jeweller means supporting local businesses and the community. Your purchase contributes to the local economy and helps sustain small businesses in your area.


The question of who buys the wedding rings is no longer bound by rigid traditions. Today, it’s a decision that couples make together, embodying their commitment and partnership. As you embark on this journey of finding the perfect wedding rings, remember that the process is just as significant as the rings themselves. Choosing a high street jeweller as your destination for purchasing wedding rings in the UK offers numerous advantages, from expert guidance and quality assurance to a wide range of options and personalised service. At Northumberland Goldsmiths, we’re here to assist you when looking to buy wedding rings, head over to our website to explore the range.

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